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Chapter 11-preview
Last Confession is the eleventh and last chapter of the Boyfriend manga series.

Hourai came to help Hijiki who had fallen in the snow. Until the ambulance comes, he hugs her, and finally answers her confession. Hijiki later fainted and was fortunately brought to the hospital. After regaining her strength, Hijiki and Hourai went out of the hospital and she encourages Hourai to take print club pictures. The two ended up taking pictures of themselves, and exchanged goodbyes.

Hijiki went back to her former school as a new student, to which she was being bullied. Along the way, her friends called her attention, wherein they came to get her. Her father caught them and Hijiki confessed to her father that she was being bullied at this school, and that she wants to go to a school where everyone are. Unexpectedly, Sayaka slaps Hijiki's father for not understanding anything about Hijiki's feelings. The series ends as Hijiki and Hourai kiss.


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Will Hijiki be able to escape from her confrontation?

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